EvettField is a specialist B2B advisory and consulting firm, providing advisory, consulting, marketing strategy and marketing implementation management services for business owners and leaders of mid-sized B2B organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Our clients are typically family-owned and operated, multi-generational businesses, distributing or manufacturing products in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Building and Construction
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Merchandising


Our services include customer; competitor; and market research, strategic marketing plans, campaign management, content creation, digital strategy, HubSpot management, marketing implementation, sales and marketing alignment, sales training and marketing automation.

Our goal is increased brand awareness, improved market position, revenue, margin, and market share, to achieve optimum business performance.

“Our client’s brand awareness, lead generation and marketing campaigns typically perform four times (4x) to ten times (10x) above industry benchmarks.”


When EvettField works with you and your team, we are in service of your business growth goals, and entirely motivated by your success. The team is wholly committed to generating prosperity in the industrial centres, regional and rural communities of Australia and New Zealand.

We give you access to B2B industry-leading expertise, customised to your unique business requirements, and optimised to meet the challenges of your industry.

For more than a decade, EvettField has delivered campaigns, competitive strategy reviews, go-to-market plans, projects and market research reports for growth-focussed distribution and manufacturing businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Discover how working with EvettField can drive your business growth today.

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