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There are many factors that motivate people to start a business, but no entrepreneur has ever set out with the goal of being average.

They want to do something they are passionate about, to do work that has meaning, set their own goals and build something special. Something that justifies the risk and uncertainty of business ownership.

It’s a tough road. 20% of businesses don’t see their first birthday and 50% fail within five years. So, what happens?

Unless you are a genuine disruptor bringing something ground-breaking to the market, the reality is this: most markets are congested with competitors, each with an owner that is equally motivated, and they want their business to succeed at the expense of yours.

Most businesses think that their product or service will win the day especially when coupled with assurances of attentive service and competitive prices. Customers however often see something different – they see similar businesses selling similar services and products with similar promises of quality and service, and all too often, the only differentiator available to them is price.

Any organisation serving markets with plentiful options for buyers face competitive forces – usually pricing pressures - that drive margin pressure and can stagnate growth.

The truth is simple. You cannot dominate a market by looking and sounding just like everyone else. You have to figure out how to create a sustainable competitive advantage over your rivals and consistently out-perform them.

You need a competitive strategy.

This is what we do. 

EvettField Partners. Competitive Strategy.

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