Driving business growth for B2B manufacturing businesses in Australia and New Zealand

We are committed to creating prosperity in industrial centres and regional communities.

EvettField Partners is an advisory and consulting business that provides marketing and strategy advice to owners and leaders of mid-sized ($20m – $50m+ annual revenue) business-to-business (B2B) organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Our clients are typically family owned, multi-generational businesses that operate in the manufacturing and distribution sectors of the following industries:

■ Agriculture

■ Architecture

■ Building and Construction

■ Engineering

■ Mining

■ Merchandising

EvettField Partners provides a range of market research, strategy development and marketing implementation services to drive revenue, margin and marketshare.

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Should you pivot your marketing strategy in uncertain times?

Should You Pivot? In the current market, many business owners and leaders are thinking about ‘pivoting’. And many market commentators are promoting it.

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