EvettField Partners

EvettField Partners is a consulting and advisory firm that works with business owners and leaders of B2B organisations to drive business improvement and increase enterprise value. We have three key areas of specialisation:

  • We help our clients to stand out from the crowd in congested markets by building compelling value propositions and competitive strategy that drive long-term sales and marketing success.
  • We identify key value-drivers and develop realistic and achievable plans to increase enterprise value and ensure that owners optimise the value of their asset.
  • We work with management teams to develop meaningful, evidence-based and actionable strategic plans that enable them to pursue their long-term objectives, and translate these into coherent implementation plans that they have the resources, expertise, discipline and patience to implement.

We offer clients implementation support appropriate to their needs to ensure the plan is managed to an agreed timetable, key milestones are achieved and implementation goals are realised.

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