About Us

EvettField is a B2B competitive strategy advisory firm that works on the revenue-side of a clients’ business. 

We understand the personal commitment and risks associated with running a business and our overriding goal is to help business owners create long-term value. 

At the most fundamental level, the quantum, reliability and risk attached to free cash flows is a key driver of enterprise value (EV). Our goal is to increase free cash flow and (hence) EV through:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins 
  • Reduced revenue risk

Many B2B organisations are serving competitive markets that are congested with options for buyers. You cannot dominate a market by looking and sounding like everyone else. 

Many businesses do not have a cohesive, whole-of-business competitive strategy - a long-term plan of action through which an organisation gains a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals and consistently out-performs them. The strategy can incorporate actions to withstand the market’s competitive pressures, attract customers and assist in cementing the company’s market position.

Working with business leaders, EvettField brings experience, an independent and unbiased perspective, and robust processes to help them stand out from the crowd.