About Us

Partner network

The requirements of business can be extremely diverse. We recognise that the scope of challenges and opportunities in any business may exceed the skills of any fixed group of advisors, irrespective of their credentials and capabilities.

Accordingly, while we have core skills in critical business areas, we do not try to be “all things to all people”. Instead we deliberately maintain a very fluid and wide-ranging network of experienced and expert professional resources that can be applied to virtually any business problem.


On-demand access to industry experts

In many cases, businesses may not have the skills and resources to address the key decisions, opportunities or challenges facing them. 

We provide our clients with on-demand expertise and subject-matter specialists to support their needs. We fully scope client requirements, agree what “finished” looks like and deliver the agreed outcomes. 


Cost effective

Because clients’ only pay for the resources they use, we have a nimble, low-overhead structure. We can get things done quickly, have the capacity to punch well above our weight in problem-solving power, and can do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms.


Reduced risk

We are committed to your goals and will not accept a project if we cannot genuinely add value. If we think you are treating the symptoms not the root cause or you don’t have the evidence-base to make a decision, we will tell you. 


A different perspective

We bring time, focus, an independent perspective and uncluttered thinking that often allows you to see things in a different light. We favour evidence and facts over assumptions and anecdotes. We can respectfully and sensitively challenge and pressure-test entrenched viewpoints, long-held assumptions and sacred cows. 

We can play devil’s advocate and propose new and impartial perspectives with no fear of proposing tough options. We can provide business leaders with informal and objective advice and observations.

We encourage quality thinking and avoid the temptation to dive straight into solutions. We keep people focused on the key issues and ensure they understand what is important and why, and perhaps most importantly, can translate goals into sensible, pragmatic, achievable and measurable implementation tasks.