B2B Industry Insights from EvettField Partners

Are you the business owner or leader of a mid-sized B2B organisation in Australia or New Zealand?

Is your business in the agriculture, building and construction, distribution, manufacturing or mining sectors?

Are you seeking independent industry insights on your market, products, customers or competitors?

EvettField Partners have assembled a panel of industry-specific, independent subject matter experts from a wide range of B2B industries.

They are available right now to provide unbiased and unfiltered feedback and insights on your market, products, competitors and competitive strategy.

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EvettField Partners is a Sydney based strategy consulting and advisory firm. We work with boards, business owners, leaders and management of medium-sized B2B, family and private organisations in the agriculture, mining and manufacturing industries. We work to increase revenue, margin, market share and enterprise value through the effective development and implementation of competitive strategy.