EvettField Partners is a consulting and advisory firm that works cooperatively with business owners and leaders to identify those things that if changed, would have the greatest positive impact on their business. We develop and implement improvement initiatives that enable increased growth, performance and value.

Building Your Value Proposition

In business today, you often only have the ear of a prospective customer for a short period of time. All too often, businesses squander the opportunity by focussing on features and benefits, and discussing value in terms of things like their outstanding service, commitment to quality or attentive staff.

What most businesses see as competitive advantages are invariably totally meaningless to prospective customers and contribute nothing to their buying behaviour for two key reasons: Firstly, what you see as advantages, they see as their minimum expectations for dealing with any supplier and, secondly, what you are saying is probably exactly the same as every other supplier is saying.

The basics of constructing a unique value proposition are routinely overlooked. Businesses fail to segment their markets and rarely equip their sales resources with compelling value propositions or differentiators that resonate with customers, meaning they are unable to articulate why a customer should choose them over the available competitive options. Sales resources end-up talking about features and price, and business leaders wonder why they under-perform…

If you don’t have your value proposition properly worked out, practiced and articulated so that it resonates precisely with the needs and expectations of prospective customers, they will either move on to your competitors or expect you to compete solely on price.

EvettField believes that the odds of hitting your target increase dramatically when you take thoughtful and considered aim at it. We work with businesses to create value propositions with compelling benefits, meaningful differentiators and substantiated proof.

EvettField brings a unique combination of business acumen, process and thinking skills. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders, we break-down and analyse a business, challenge long-held perceptions, pressure test underpinning assumptions, create a strong evidence base and reconstruct the value proposition from the ground up.

Competitive Strategy

It is surprising how many businesses still invest time and effort in developing services and products before they have a clear understanding of whether there is a viable market for those services and products, and how they are going to win market share.

If you compete in a mature market that is saturated with alternatives for customers, a formal competitive strategy is essential as it maps how you intend to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over your rivals and consistently out-perform them.

While a compelling value proposition is critical, it needs to be part of an overall competitive strategy and positioned alongside other elements such as competitor analysis, market segmentation, channels to market, pricing and driving demand.

A properly planned and implemented competitive strategy is unequivocally the most important determinant of long-term sales and marketing success. Competitive strategy must be based on evidence not hope, untested assumptions, gut-feel, entrenched beliefs and sacred cows

Bringing a unique combination of business acumen, process and thinking skills, EvettField works collaboratively with business leaders and owners to create compelling competitive strategy and, as required, to support the business through full implementation.

Value Enhancement

For many business owners, their business is their biggest asset and primary source of wealth creation.

Even though many business owners are depending upon a successful sale to fund their retirement, with an estimated 80% of Australian businesses expected to change hands in the next 10 years, well-prepared and optimised businesses will command a premium in a market congested with sellers.

Irrespective of whether they plan to sell or not, enhancing business value should be the primary goal of every business owner. Failure to maximise business value is perhaps the most costly mistake that any business owner can make, yet despite this, few businesses have a comprehensive long-term plan to drive the value of that asset.

Every business has value creators and value destroyers. Increasing enterprise value involves maximising value drivers and eliminating, minimising or managing value destroyers. Improving performance demands a clear understanding of the key drivers within the business, and a common-sense approach to ensuring that these drivers are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

EvettField works with business owners to develop a common understanding of the key “value drivers”, define current and target valuations, establish key objectives and measures, identifying and managing risks that may compromise the achievement of goals and developing a realistic and achievable long-term plan.


Strategy isn't just reviewing a PowerPoint every few years or an emotional exercise in aspiration and hope. It's an evolving intellectual curiosity and an evidence-based exercise in market potential and organisational capacity.

Business strategy is principally concerned with identifying a meaningful group of customers with a specific set of needs and expectations, and delivering a value proposition to those customers that is so compelling it delivers you a clear competitive advantage.

However, when prospective customers look across a competitive landscape, they invariably see similar businesses offering similar services and products saying similar things. If another competitor does stand-out in the crowd, you may be quickly overlooked. If no competitor stands-out, price will eventually be the key driver of customer decision-making. Either way, the consequences are not good.

EvettField works with business leaders to understand:

  • Who are your target customers and what are their specific needs and expectations?
  • What is important to those target customers that you can do differently and/or better than your competitors?
  • What operational capability and resources do you need to deliver those services and/or products to those customers?

Without being able to answer these questions and relying on untested assumptions, you may have a great idea and lots of enthusiasm, but you don't have a strategy.

Working with business leaders, EvettField brings experience, an independent and unbiased perspective, and robust processes to help them stand out from the crowd.

The excitement of strategic planning is soon followed by the hard-yards of implementation.

All your efforts at planning are worthless unless you implement and it is estimated that 90% of strategy does not get implemented. Australian boardrooms are littered with un-implemented strategic plans that are gathering dust.

The reasons for implementation failure are remarkably consistent. EvettField understands why implementation fails and works with business leaders to manage critical failure points, ensuring that the internal environment is conducive to successful implementation.

We take a risk management approach to implementation, and ensure that strategic goals are broken down into a coherent plan, and that the business has the resources, expertise, discipline and patience to implement it.