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Michael Field, Brisbane based partner for EvettField Partners is regularly invited by Tony (Anthony) Cordato from Cordato Partners to contribute a marketing perspective on legal analysis articles published on LexologyLexology is the most comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights, publishing over 500 articles every day from 900+ leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 25 languages 

Subject matter expertise includes ACMA, advertising, brand, Australian Consumer Law (ACL), copyright, domain names, e-commerce, email marketing, Spam Act (2003) and trademark. 


A Boquet of Marketing Blunders
Consumers Should Be GLAD the ACCC is Cleaning Up Greenwashing
ACCC Cracks Down on Misleading 'Free' Offers
How to Get Quality Online Google Reviews for Your Business 
ACCC Cracks Down on Misleading Labelling
Influencer Virus Spreads Through Social Media Influencer Virus Spreads Through Social Media
ACCC Report Warns of Social Media Risks
Uber Cops Penalty for Misleading Riders
ACCC Fine Takes Healthy Bite Out of SmileDirectClub’s Revenue
Which Words Won't (Green) Wash With ACCC
ACCC Slates Roofing Contractor’s Cartel Conduct
- Paying the Price for Price Fixing
Samsung 'Jumps the Shark' With Waterproof Claims - the mobile handset wars
How viagogo Laid the Marketing Trap and Why ACCC Snapped Back
Small Business Secret Sauce On Online Marketplaces 
ACCC Scoops $12M Fine from Peters Ice Cream 
Trivago Tripped Up by ACCC to the Tune of $44.7m for Falsely Advertising Hotel Room Prices as 'Best Price'
ASIC regulates financial products for the protection of the public.

Product Safety Mandatory Reporting Obligations

Henley Constructions loses its name to a competitor
ASIC alleges that Ultiqa’s Authorised Representatives did not act in their clients’ best interests.
Is your marketing guilty of Weasel Words?

How can you protect against defamatory comments on your Facebook page?


The ACCC Guide to doing Business online 
Lorna Janes’ anti-virus marketing hype backfires badly  
You call it toxic honey, I call it injurious falsehood and I will sue you
False advertising of health products = large fines for Mosaic Group and Pete Evans 
  When are company directors personally  liable under the Australian Consumer Law?  
Even a small business must comply with Australian Consumer Law  
Three golden rules for sending marketing messages by email and SMS  
  The ACCC takes misuse of a Made in Australia logo seriously with a penalty of $200,000 for Kimberly-Clark  
  Is making it hard to unsubscribe from marketing emails a good strategy?
Now the ACCC is taking Lorna Jane to court for false 'anti-virus' advertising
How the Trivago online business model failed the Australian Consumer Law test
Oscar Wylee accepts $3.5m penalty for false ‘Pair for a Pair’ promises
Viagogo to pay $7m penalty for ‘industrial scale’ misrepresentations 
Lorna Jane claimed its 'anti-virus activewear' prevented and protected against infectious diseases 
Woolworths spam email fails on legal and marketing levels
Court rules against Hashtag Burgers using Down-N-Out branding pending an appeal 
1300 Australia to remove unfair contract terms from its ‘phone words’ agreements.
The burgers are better with trademark protection
Cheap rooms? Probably not? Trivago’s top deals are hotels which pay the most
ACCC wants transparency from Google about data practices and disclosure for location data obtained
How Google and Facebook dominate online advertising and searches  
Does Samsung have waterproof evidence that its Galaxy phones don’t leak?
Can I remove or prevent negative comments being posted on social media using a non-disparagement clause? 
Four internet marketing and price transparency lessons from the Viagogo decision in the Federal Court
A boomerang is a fake if it is not made in Australia but the label gives the impression that it was
A sweet victory for ACCC leaves a sour taste for H.J. Heinz
  Too much sugar makes Heinz snack food unhealthy for little children 
Purplebricks promises no misleading advertising of fixed fees and additional services, and admits breaches of the real estate licensing law
Does Purplebricks (an online agent) threaten traditional real estate agents in Australia?
'Yoga or Yogurt' on the menu for QANTAS
The new Country of Origin Food Labelling Standard will help Australian Food Producers to compete against imported produce
Higher penalties on the horizon for Australian Consumer Law (ACL) breaches
ACCC protects consumers against oregano labelling
Why Dulux was fined $400,000 for making misleading claims that its paints cooled houses by up to 15°C 
What must a business owner do to protect against a copycat business name?  
There’s no such thing as a free bet in Australia  
Reckitt Benckiser must pay the penalty for using misleading labels in its Nurofen Specific Pain Range 
There’s to be no more drip pricing of booking fees since the Jetstar decision
Are credit repair and debt relief companies worth using? ASIC has its doubts. 
Is it possible for a shopping centre tenant to ask for a rent reduction if the centre manager installs kiosks in the walkway in front of the shop?
Court orders corrective advertising order for Coles Bakery Stores 
Internet marketer wins the legal right to use the place name: Thredbo 
Coles in bunfight with ACCC on fresh baked claims