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Oscar Wylee accepts $3.5m penalty for false ‘Pair for a Pair’ promises
Viagogo to pay $7m penalty for ‘industrial scale’ misrepresentations 
1300 Australia to remove unfair contract terms from its ‘phone words’ agreements.
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Court rules against Hashtag Burgers using Down-N-Out branding pending an appeal
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ACCC wants transparency from Google about data practices and disclosure for location data obtained
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Woolworths spam email fails on legal and marketing levels
How Google and Facebook dominate online advertising and searches 
Does Samsung have waterproof evidence that its Galaxy phones don’t leak?
A boomerang is a fake if it is not made in Australia but the label gives the impression that it was
There’s no such thing as a free bet in Australia
What must a business owner do to protect against a copycat business name?
ACCC protects consumers against false oregano labelling
Purplebricks promises no misleading advertising of fixed fees and additional services, and admits breaches of the real estate licensing law
A sweet victory for the ACCC leaves a sour taste for H.J. Heinz
Will ‘Yoga or Yogurt’ replace ‘Tea or Coffee’ on the menu for Qantas long haul flights?