How To Join The Dots With Sales and Marketing

In many organisations, the Sales and Marketing functions have a testy relationship. As a business owner or leader, what are your options? 

  • Appoint a dual role ‘Sales and Marketing’ manager? 
  • Create a complicated internal reporting dashboard to try and link the marketing metrics to sales results? 
  • Implement a new CRM to ‘force’ alignment 

Each of the above options go some way towards addressing the problem, but are unlikely to completely solve it. Each solution introduces a new set of challenges and problems. So, what can you do? 

EvettField Partners have worked with hundreds of B2B business owners and leaders in the mid-market sector on this exact issue, and although no one solution is perfect, we believe we now have a complete solution that provides management with the trifecta: 

  • Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing 
  • Automation and Personalisation at Scale  
  • Live Analysis, Tracking and Reporting 

Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing 
Consolidation of sales and marketing data including advertising activity, content creation, distribution and consumption, customer journey mapping, engagement measures, lead scoring and marketing performance metrics. 

Automation and Personalisation at Scale  
B2B organisations typically have large customer and prospect databases; often plagued by incomplete data and limited ability to identify where each customer is in the buyer journey; what information they are interested in; and what is the next logical step in the sale cycle. Even when armed with that information, the business relies heavily on the sales team to act on the insights and follow up. Imagine a system where customer interaction is tracked automatically, and outbound communication is automated to deliver highly personalised messages at scale. 

Live Analysis, Tracking and Reporting 
Most sales and marketing reports are delivered in the first week of the month after the activity occurred. It is typically ‘post-match analysis’ where you can work out after the game where you won and lost. What if there was a way to track customer engagements ‘in the moment’, track demand curves as they happen and respond immediately? This is where the Single Source of Truth and Automation combine to create exceptional customer interactions and content delivery at lightning-fast speeds in response to content consumption habits, changing customer interests, or predictive activities based on past behaviour. 

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